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Monday, October 16th, 2006

Time:11:40 am.
Mood: loffed.
Okay, breaking news. I am most assuredly bi. This weekend proves it.
On Saturday me, Lenny, and 'Drana all hung out together 'out on the town' while Solar and Caspian hung out at Cassie's house; Brighton couldn't be there because he had to help his little brother with his project for the middle school's Science Fair (he's making an interactive three-foot model of a DNA strand). 'Drana was driving (she had an aquamarine Dodge Neon), Lenny was in the passenger seat leaned back all the way, and I was in the back behind 'Drana, facing Lenny and talking.
We started out talking about random stuff, then the topic of what happened at rehearsals the night before came up. Then Lenny sprung something on me.

Lenny: I've noticed you watching us a lot during rehearsals.
'Drana: Yeah... come to think of it, I've seen it, too.
Me: I'm your understudy, 'Drana, I'm supposed to pay attention.
'Drana: You're not Lenny's understudy. You stare at her more than you 'pay attention' to me.
Lenny: Don't think I haven't noticed. *smirks* Because I have noticed.
Me: *gulp*
Lenny: Are you blushing?
'Drana: *looks at me in the rear-view mirror* She is. She's totally blushing.
Me: *violent crimson* I am not!
'Drana: You know what they say about that river in Egypt, Lu...
Me: *muttering mutinously under my breath* I am NOT blushing.
Lenny: If you have to falsify it that adamantly, it's got to be true.
'Drana: Indeed.
Lenny: Besides, I can feel the heat radiating from up here!
Me: Oh, come on, you can't!
Lenny: *good-naturedly* Can too!
Me: Cannot!
Lenny: Can too times infitity!
Me: Cannot times infinity squared!
Lenny: Can too times infinity to the power of pi!
Me: *stumped for any more one-ups* Shut up!
Lenny: Make me!

So I did. And 'Drana glanced over, and nearly rear-ended a Ford Explorer.
I sat back in my seat.

'Drana: Lenny, did she just kiss you?
Lenny: She totally just kissed me.
'Drana: *lightly* Oh. *shrugs* Okay then.
Me: I'm sorry... I-I don't know what came over me. I didn't intend to -
'Drana: Oh, it's okay. Lenny has that effect on people.
Me: I've noticed. You two are like, snog central.
'Drana: *affably* It's fun.
Me and Lenny: I noticed.
Me: So... you don't MIND that I kissed your girlfriend?
'Drana: Not at all. I know what kind of drawing power she has. And besides, we're in what one might call an open relationship.
Me: You are?
Lenny: Yeah. Basically, we're together, but special circumstances are excused.
'Drana: Like you having a crush on Solar.
Lenny: Yes, yes, and you having a crush on Caspian.
'Drana: And you *looks at me in the mirror again* having a crush on Lenny.
Lenny: It's all good.
'Drana: Completely natural. No harm done.
Me: So I could like, occasionally snog Lenny and you wouldn't mind?
'Drana: Not a bit. I know she's devoted to me.
Lenny: But we're both devoted to other people as well.
'Drana: So it's perfectly fine.
Lenny: We're very open-minded about stuff like this. I like to say that we have a pseudo-anarchistic relationship.
'Drana: And besides, watching your girlfriend snog other people, when you're not the jealous type, is totally hot.
Me: *bewildered* So you're not mad or anything? You're both completely okay with this?
Lenny and 'Drana: Completely.
Lenny: Which is a good thing, because you're a really good kisser.
'Drana: Hey, Lunar?
Me: Yeah?
'Drana: Do you like me, as well?
Me: *quietly; blushing again* Yeah...
'Drana: Oh, excellent! Does this mean that once we find a parking space I can have a go?
Me: *sheepish* Only if you want to.
'Drana *to Lenny* Do I want to?
Lenny: *nodding her head furiously* Beyond a shadow of a doubt. This girl can SNOG.

And thus went the evening. I got hugs and kisses in abundance from both of them, and we went back to Lenny's and cuddled together in her pillow nest with practically all nine of her cats.
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Friday, October 13th, 2006

Subject:pencil/pen angst.
Time:11:29 am.
Mood: bored.
Another anthro fic challenge of Solar's... Pencil/Pen (the Pencil has self-esteem issues), Pencil POV, with a bitter betrayal and a human female character. And of course it's slash, because aren't writing impliments phallic symbols? Just smile and nod, of course they are!
The female character is an amateur cartoonist who's slowly getting better at and more confident in her artwork, therefore graduating from erasable mediums to permanent ones.
I couldn't think of a title for this, so it's just... itself.

Your mark is everlasting, I thought. You decree what deserves your sigil and what does not. It is present on the most important things. Documents. Books. You matter.
My mark is only temporary; on the surface, not seeping into all eternity. The lines and words that I so easily construe can just as easily be erased forever at a mere whim. I thought, I am nothing compared to you. I thought.
But now... now you have gone too far in your importance. She used to use me - me and only me - for her art. Then a few months ago she started using your lines over mine - which, at the time, was fine with me: our traces lingering together for all time. But then last night, while she prepared her various papers, she did not pick me up. She didn't notice me at all. She went straight for you. Like I never existed.
Now I see what your mark truly is - a stain, a taint on my life. You destroyed my livelihood, my love, my reason for being. You betrayed me.
And I will never forgive you as long as I live.
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Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Subject:virgin potatoes, indeed.
Time:7:04 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Solar and I started challenging each other to write anthro one-shot fics during lunch today, and we set several challenges for each other. My first was for him was Fork/Spork, Steak Knife/Spork with a hint of sadism and self-deprecation (the results of which you can find here), and his first challenge for me was Potato Peeler/Potato, Peeler POV, and he said specifically, 'make it sound kinda violent - oh, and the potato's a virgin.' *cracks up laughing* Virgin potatoes, indeed.
So here it is.

Flick. Flick. Flick.
I remove your skin in strips, quick slashes of my keen edge. I scrape away the grit and dirt to show the real you, the pure white innocent past the facade of grime.
I tenderly gouge out your eyes - so many, so tiny, so black. They never let you see. Only I can make you see. Only I can make you clean. But I know that once you have been laid bare you will have no need for me, no use for me. So it will be deliberately slow work, peeling you. But I have no choice.
Flick. Flick. Flick.

. . .
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Subject:my first fic post: 'watching.'
Time:12:22 pm.
Mood: anxious for opinions.
Okay, so my brother and Lenny and 'Drana have convinced me to start posting some of my fanfics, because I've never posted one anywhere (I'm a lurker, I admit it freely and without shame). So here's a fic I wrote last night. Lenny and Solar particularly like it.

Info: POTC, Curse of the Black Pearl timeline; nudity, wankage; OT3; voyeurism. This occurs right after Jack passes out from drinking on the 'spit of land' island.
And yes, I am indeed a slasher. Having a gay brother kind of helps that along, eh?

WatchingCollapse )

. . .

...So? What do you think? Can I write? Is it bearable?
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Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Subject:hysterical hamster bowling pins.
Time:3:36 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
So yeah, I kind of have a Livejournal now. Yay me.
This is my free period... well, I'm actually taking that ambiguous library-related course that all schools have (that I know of), but all I ever do is run off copies for Mrs Willford (the librarian) or stand at the counter and stamp kids' books when they check them out or return them, so basically I have loooads of free time and access to the administrator's computer system here behind the desk. 'Cos the regular library computers won't let you access blog sites, I dunno why. Stupid administrative bullshit, in my opinion.

Today was my first time wearing all black in over a year. Let me tell you, it's righteously theraputic - especially after having been decked out in Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle's stupid-looking pastels and shit. Last night Solar and I collected all of my oppressive preppy clothes and shoes and makeup and hauled it all to Goodwill in the Love Bus. Somebody out there will be happy to have it, I'm sure, but I'm just bloody thankful to be rid of the lot.

Solar texted me a little while ago and said that he told his friends at lunch today about my 'redemption', and that I should show up at their rehearsals this afternoon to get acquainted with the posse. I can't believe I'm actually going to have real friends who have the same interests that I do. It's amazing, after so long being trapped inside myself while I mimicked those around me to be accepted. But no more, I say! I am an individual, dammit. And definitely not a prep. *shudders* God, I can't believe I slept with some of the jocks! Any of the jocks! The odious blockheads... damn, was I stupid. But like I said, not anymore. I'm back to the Lunar I used to be.

Of course, the moment my 'apostle-posse' (as Solar calls them), all the starts-with-K/ends-with-'ee'-named blondes that follow my every move, saw me this morning - they usually cluster around my parking space waiting for me to arrive, the little airheaded lemmings, then lean all over my car while talking to me - they fled in terror. Well, not exactly terror, and not exactly fled, either. It went something like this:
'What happened to YOU?' Kristi sneered as I got out of my car.
'Yeah,' Kiki sneered in the exact same way (it was a cookie-cutter sneer, of sorts, most likely practised in the mirror like I had to practise mine). 'Did you fall into a vat of LOSER this morning?'
Katie F. sneered as well. 'Or did you eat a bowl of UGLY for breakfast?'
'Or get dressed in the dark in your brother's room?' Kerri sneered identically. The word 'brother' seethed with disdain.
Katie C. sneered along sneerfully. (It was an all-out sneerfest at my parking space this morning, as you might have gathered, being the sharp cookie that you are.) 'Or did your brother -' and she said those two words with so much malice that they practically dripped acid, 'turn you into himself? Does that mean you're gay now, too?' They all nodded like nodding dogs and sneered like malformed Barbie heads.
'Guys,' I said, 'to quote Bob Dylan -' (I got eleven mystefied looks at that) '"times, they are a-changing." Let's face it, being a prep majestically vacuums donkey. In layman's terms, it royally sucks ass. I'm tired of putting up a front just to impress people I can barely stand, much less don't even like. I don't want to go out with one of the jocks. I don't want everyone to envy me because I'm prom queen or some shit like that. I just want to be myself. And this,' I gestured at my clothes and makeup, 'is myself, no holes barred. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a Trigonometry test to last-minute cram for. Ta.'
And I walked off, with the eleven of them staring astonishedly after me, still leaning all over my car. I glanced back over my shoulder briefly, under the guise of flipping my hair out of my face, and noticed they were still groping all over my vehicle. I calmly reached into my cargo pocket and hit the panic button. They scattered like hysterical hamster bowling pins, if you can picture that. I threw back my head and laughed, letting the panic alarm keep sounding off until I was at the doors of the C building, and the apostle-posse had diminished to nothing.

Ahhh, it's so good to be BACK!
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LiveJournal for Lunar Eclipse.

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